Top 10 Takeaways from 30-Day Cleanse Experience
Christina Weber | Mar 1, 2015
Feminine Weapon

This is me on Cleanse Day 1 and then on Day 30 with a tighter tummy and thinner thighs.

On February 20th I embarked a 30-Day Health Cleanse. The beginning of 2014 had been a busy year for me with the production of Feminine Weapon Day, a few freelance projects and other responsibilities. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, I continued to DO and it all seemed to be paying off nicely.

The thing is, during this time, I wasn't able to work on my body, spirit and mind as much as I like to. I was sleeping, probably too much, and the winter weather wasn't motivating me to workout. I was drinking lots of red wine and started to fall in love with good scotches. Although I was enjoying myself, I was ready for a new challenge.

I believe in change. I understand it's process, the conditioning it takes and willingness to commit to realize results. In mid-February, I invited Maria Dangond, a friend and health coach, to join me at The Jazz Standard for a performance by The Mingus BigBand. Another friend, Alex Foster, is the Band Leader/Saxophonist and before we both had gotten home that evening, we had decided to sign up for the 30-Day Challenge with Maria as our Cleanse Coach. We wanted to change.

With today, March 21st being the thirtieth of my cleanse, I'd like to share the top things I learned through my transformation and takeaways from the overall experience:

1. You will inspire others but this cleanse is not for everyone. Over the course of the month, about forty people told me that they wanted to join, but only nine people did. Two quit and one cheated with beer and a cheeseburger. The ones who achieve, want it. They aren't willing to succumb to peer-pressure and are okay with going against the norm. For these 30-days you are the alien and you have to be okay with being different.

2. Bottled water isn't good for you. There are toxins in the plastic and during the cleanse you are only allowed to drink filtered water. For more information, read here. It's fascinating how our economy took what was once a free good, packaged it up as a commodity to sell back to us. Good, clean drinking water should be free for everyone (as well as electricity, but that's another subject). I will be avoiding bottled water post-cleanse.

3. I fall asleep and wake up more easily without sugar, caffeine or alcohol in my life. I will be re-introducing all of these things but with a greater sense of awareness as to how they affect my mind and body. I once took Ambien a few nights a week. I used to sell the medication while working for a pharmaceutical company. I tricked my mind into thinking that I couldn't sleep or slept better with it. Not true. Whereas I used to want 8-10 hours a night, I'm now good on 6-8. I know, my problem is the reverse of many. I must get it from my brother. And truth be told, I can't wait for a nice glass of red wine.

4. Cleansing helps to structure your schedule and make workouts a priority. Sign up for ClassPass and write your workouts into your calendar ahead of time. ClassPass by Payal Kadakia is one of my favorite new ways to workout. It's body-and cost- effective and totally genius. For $100 a month, I've been able to take classes at a variety of studios throughout the city - Patricia Fit, Barre, Barry's, Bikram, Circuit of Change, As One and more. These classes are usually $20-35 each and only $10 with the pre-paid pass. Who wants to workout with me?

5. Contrary to popular belief, caffeine makes you fat. Consumption of certain polyphenols found in coffee called chlorogenic acid can prevent fat loss and lead to insulin resistance. If you think you need caffeine, drink an espresso and if you must have coffee, please make sure it's organic. Regular coffee is a heavily sprayed crop, so drinking organic coffee may reduce or eliminate the exposure to toxic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

6. It's ok to go out and not drink alcohol. When I first started this cleanse, the elimination of alcohol was my biggest concern. Pre-cleanse I probably had alcohol at least five nights a week. Now I do know how to handle myself on cocktails and by no means do I believe that this behavior is abnormal for New Yorkers, but it's a lot. Just like you take care of your car or spring clean your apt/house, your body needs love and cleaning as well. In the beginning I had a lot of anxiety as I ventured out for social activities, but once I was there and present in the moment, the feelings went away. I didn't crave the alcohol and I still managed to stay out until 4am on a few of those evenings.

7. Cleansing saves and even gives you money. The program was an upfront investment of $350, which covered the majority of my meals for the month. I then spent an average of about $3-12 additional per day on the one meal that was allocated. The cost of alcohol, coffee, expensive dinners, and snack breaks was completely eliminated. And as an added bonus, I received "referral fees" for sharing the cleanse with others, so I actually made all of the money I spent on the system back.

8. I see my body as art; an expression of me. When I began this journey many people said to me, "but you don't need to lose weight." This is true. I didn't need to lose weight, but I knew I could. I wanted to appear stronger, faster, more mentally focused. I wanted to become more flexible and feel tighter. Through this cleanse all of that was achieved and within just 30 days. No matter where I am in life, I desire to continue to grow into a better version of me. I know that I have great potential and by overcoming perceived obstacles, I will further ripen. I didn't weigh before I started the cleanse but I estimate that I was at 116lbs. Two days ago I was at 110. My stomach and thighs shrunk and are now tighter. I'm happy with the results.

9. We consume too much throughout the day. We're trained and conditioned to desire fatty, sugary, salty foods because that's what we're mainly feed as children and at social gatherings. In New York we have the best restaurants and in one sitting you can have over 2,000 calories by eating a three-course meal. When we eat fat-rich foods, our brains not only gets a signal that our body is satisfied but also forms long-term memories of the experience. Just the mere sight of food can stir up a craving. Post-cleanse I will continue to replace at least one meal a day with a protein shake and on some days two meals. Hey, it will help me to continue to save the money!

10. When you discipline yourself in one area of your life, things in other areas fall into place too and miracles can happen. The energy and time that I gained by doing this cleanse allowed me to finish settling into the apt and take on four new exciting projects (an Underground Singles Supper Club Experience, Syndee Winters' Lena Horne Show, the Feminine Weapon photography installation, and our soon to launch crowdfunding campaign). I feel at peace and know that I'm exactly where I need to be in this very moment.

With all of this said and done, I've developed a new passion and understanding of the cleanse process and would like to invite you in to this experience with me. Are you ready for a 30-day Cleanse Challenge? I'd love to share it with you and coach you through it.

If so, send me an email at cweber@feminineweapon.com and I'd be happy to tell you all of the details.

Let's continue to rock this life together!


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