The Art of Picking Your Fruits and Veggies at Your Local Market
Gretchen Cruz, Health Evangelist | Aug 30, 2013
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Diet and Nutrition –PLU Codes Demystified

As I became more educated of the foods I ate, I began to ask questions about the fruits and vegetables I was buying at the grocery stores. I understood that the stickers of the fruits and vegetable contains information to understand our purchases. By reading the PLU code, you can tell how the produce was grown. It’s not only a price ticket. Through this code, you can understand if the produce has been genetically modified, organically grown or if produced with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Even though the health benefits of diet rich in fruit and vegetables far outweighs the risks of pesticides exposure, it is important to be aware of the amount of pesticides that you may consume on non-organic produce. Is not only healthier for the body and wellbeing, but it also supports sustainable farming practices. Therefore, to identify conventionally grown produce with the use of pesticides, one will see a 4 before starting a four letter PLU code. An example is that all Apples are labeled with the code 4131.

I have found that most grocery stores have an abundance of genetically modified produce. If you are on of those people who prefer organically or conventionally grown produce then you will be looking for five numbers in the PLU code. If the number starts with “8”, this tell you that the produce was is genetically engineered (GE or GMO). A genetically engineered apple would be: 84131.

When shopping for produce I do my best to buy fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and well as organically grown. For those consumers that are looking for organic produce to avoid the intake of pesticides and GE or GMO produce, the PLU code will consist of 5 numbers starting with a “9”. For example, an organic apple would be PLU code would be: 94131.

The above information is to help educate consumers of their purchases and let understand what they are buying. PLU codes are very helpful if you understand why you are choosing one item over another item. For further understanding read the articles linked to this article and feel free to do your own research.

~ Gretchen Cruz, Health Evangelist

I am the founder of Joyfoods in New York City, where my personal blend of conscious living and eating healthy is helping thousands of people discover a new zest for life.

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