Manuela Rana: An Artist of Photography
2014 Feminine Weapon Day Series Photograher and Host
A.E. Fairfield | Apr 8, 2015
Feminine Weapon
Photographs by Claire London

Feminine Weapon shoot with Nancy Danino at The Cutting Room NYC

Born and raised in Italy, Manuela Rana has always had a passion for photography. With her stunning looks she could have found work on either side of the lens, but loves capturing beauty and nuance with the click of a button. Manuela turned her lifelong passion into a profession four years ago. She recently relocated to New York where she met and assisted the famous Antoine Verglas and has grown increasingly interested in fashion photography. The fact that she’s a woman, and so naturally likeable, helps her models feel comfortable to bring out their sexy – and sometimes quirky – sides.

Life in New York isn’t always easy but Manuela credits her husband Enrico, who’s currently touring with Mama Mia, for his unconditional support and belief her photography goals.

Manuela’s work for Feminine Weapon speaks for itself. While these women are beautiful and interesting on their own, she’s found a way to capture their light in a beautiful, natural way – something only someone with Manuela’s considerable talents could achieve. Best of all, she – and her shoots – are a blast! ~FW


This interview is part of the Feminine Weapon Day photography series. Feminine Weapon Day is January 30th and has been designated to Honor Your Conscious Light + Beautiful Self.

Join us on Thursday, the 30th, at The Cutting Room (44 East 32nd St.) for the 6:30 photography showcase and Creeds of Love Pop-up Shop, 8p for concert with Margot B. (Boardwalk Empire), Nancy Danino, Syndee Winters and Dilia, and 10p for the Afterparty show with Coyle Girelli from The Chevin.

Tickets available at: feminineweaponday.com


Author A.E. Fairfield (aka Ashley) was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. After attending New York University she remained in New York to pursue a career in writing. When not writing the next Capelli & Ford mystery or for Feminine Weapon, she can be found horseback riding or reading the latest thriller.

Photographer Manuela Rana recently moved to New York City from Italy and now is the Creative Director of Feminine Weapon.

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