Christina Weber: The Original FW
2014 Feminine Weapon Day Producer
A.E. Fairfield | Apr 2, 2014
Feminine Weapon
Photographs by Manuela Rana

Feminine Weapon shoot with Christina Weber in Chelsea and The Cutting Room NYC

Christina Weber is the original – and ultimate – Feminine Weapon. As the founder of Feminine Weapon, Christina is on a personal and professional journey that’s inspiring the world of women and all those who meet her. Throughout this interview series, nearly every woman when asked what her definition of Feminine Weapon is has said something akin to “Well Christina, of course!” – not because she’s the creator but because of the qualities she possesses: sexy but strong, smart but humble, tough but kind.

A Maryland native, Christina moved to New York ten years ago. Her first job as a media research analyst had her struggling to pay Manhattan’s sky-high rents. She quickly moved into the lucrative world of sales working for campusfood.com. Her innate ability to connect with others and self-motivated work ethic made her a huge success – when the layoffs started Christina was one of the last people standing. A stint in pharmaceutical sales followed until Christina moved into the world of marketing and began working for The Mixx. After a year with the agency, her boss started telling people that she was grooming Christina to take over the company in ten years time. What most would see as hitting the professional jackpot – and the greatest of compliments – Christina saw as a chain. Though she enjoyed her work, she knew inside that this wasn’t how her voice was meant to be heard. Not one to tell a lie, she confessed this to her boss who encouraged Christina to follow her passions. That’s when Gamelace was born.

Gamelace “mixes seduction and sports,” Christina says. Inspired by a previous relationship – where getting her boyfriend’s attention during a Giants game was next to impossible – the brand consists of team-inspired lingerie. Christina hired a designer, trademarked the brand, and began product development. There’s currently a seven-piece sample line that, once on the market, will inspire wives and girlfriends to ignite their inner cheerleader.

It was during the early stages of Gamelace that Christina received another life-changing compliment – at a CeeLo concert of all places. A male friend of hers said, “ Don’t let this go to your head, but I’ve created a nickname for you. You are a Feminine Weapon. You’re so business savvy but such a girl.” Christina, loving the title “Feminine Weapon” – and being beyond flattered by the new name – went home that evening and bought the domain name feminineweapon.com. She had no idea what it would become, however over the course of a year and a half Feminine Weapon has grown organically and morphed into a shared identity and a fierce, yet inspirational mantra for women.

Of course, anything with the title “weapon” can spark controversy and there are a few misconceptions Christina would like to clarify. The first being that word – weapon. “Some people get caught up in the negative usage of the word weapon,” Christina says. “Feminine Weapon has nothing to do with violence. It's about seeing yourself as the weapon to realize your dreams. Our thoughts, words, and action are the ammunition.” She adds, “As women we all have fears that can hold us back. We perceive barriers. We wonder if people will listen to us. We question our decision. We yearn to feel validated by others. You see, having that imagery cape on your back that says Feminine Weapon takes all of that away. We realize our powers and can fly. Anything is possible.”

Another heard misconception is that Feminine Weapon is anti-male or a feminist movement. To that point, Christina says: “Men want to make women happy. Their bodies were even built to make us happy. If enabled, men will channel positive energy towards women so we can share it with the world. Our job is to continue to be the light. Men are attracted to light.” Looking back on the nickname story, this holds true to Feminine Weapon. She continues, “The brand isn’t about a feminist movement. Instead it’s about honing in on you and working to become a better version of yourself.” While Christina respects and admires the founders of the feminist movement and their objectives, she says “They kind of fought it wrong. They went completely to the other side by believing we can do anything a man can do. Don’t hold the door for us; we deserve to be completely equal. Men and women are both beautiful, interesting creatures but we’re different. Our minds operate differently, our bodies are different, there’s the yin and the yang. We all bring something different to the table. A Feminine Weapon is smart, witty and sexy. She embraces her womanly characteristics, and enjoys a little chivalry.”

The future of Feminine Weapon looks promising when you take the leader into consideration. Only months ago the .com launched here, on the Eden Network, as a featured community. Up next, Christina plans to develop products, branding opportunities and licensed partnerships. There’s no straight path there, but with her marketing sensibilities, the attention she commands, and team she builds, she’s sure worthy of watching. ~FW


Author A.E. Fairfield (aka Ashley) was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. After attending New York University she remained in New York to pursue a career in writing. When not writing the next Capelli & Ford mystery or for Feminine Weapon, she can be found horseback riding or reading the latest thriller.

Photographer Manuela Rana recently moved to New York City from Italy. She's the assistant to established photographer Antoine Verglas (Vogue, Elle, GQ, Forbes Magazine, Victoria’s Secret) and currently enjoys working in the fashion and lifestyle photography industry.

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